Most frequent questions and answers


We operate 7 days a week during the following hours;

Monday – Thursday: 9am – 7pm

Friday: 9am – 8pm

Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 3pm

We are a mobile service and can either come to your home or work (within a 20km radius of the Perth metropolitan area, free of charge and obligation free) for your convenience, or you can visit us at our office:

108 St Georges Terrace,

Perth, WA 6100 


We’d prefer that you book an appointment with us as we are extremely busy throughout the day meeting with our many clients. However, if you would like to drop by, please don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we’re available!

Though please keep in mind that initial consultation, measuring, fabric selection and design will take around 45 minutes to an hour.

This is dependent on how decisive you are with your selection of fabric and design options. Typically an appointment consists of an initial consultation so that we may gauge what it is you are after for your bespoke tailored garments so that we can give you the best advice.

We need more onto fabric selection, and this can take a while depending on how many pieces of clothing you’ll be ordering with us.

Finally, we go through the design options for each individual piece.

A typical appointment for a single individual can take between 45 minutes to an hour.

Of course, the conversation is always good and the scotch is always flowing so these appointment times can take longer!

Dependent on the volume of shirts and how busy our workshop is, we can generally deliver a shirt within 1 to 2 weeks from measuring.

Our trousers are also made in a similar time frame of 1 to 2 weeks from measuring to deliver.

Please bear in mind, that there is also at least one fitting to ensure that the garments all fit well. If required, alterations are made to the garments which means additional fittings will be required. We ensure that you leave with the perfect fit for your garments and that you are 100% satisfied!

Our jackets will take longer to tailor as there is more work required in crafting a bespoke jacket. Typically we aim to deliver your jacket within 2 to 3 weeks from measuring.

Please bear in mind, that there is also at least one fitting to ensure that the jacket fits perfectly. If required, alterations are made to the jacket which means additional fittings will be required. We ensure that you leave with the perfect fit for your jacket and that you are 100% satisfied!

Yes, we generally ask that our clients purchase at least 3 shirts if no suits or trousers are ordered.


We generally don’t make clothing for women, however, this is judged on a case by case basis dependent on the build of the individual. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

We do not currently offer full canvas jackets. Full canvas jackets are very labour intensive and require multiple fittings whilst the jacket is being crafted. Furthermore, a full canvas jacket is generally thicker and not ideal for the Australian environment for all seasonal wear.

We have a workshop based in Bangkok, Thailand. Our tailors have a combined experience of over 100 years with our master tailors having at least 40 years of experience. Each individual piece is inspected and the quality of every piece is assured by our quality assurance supervisor.

Our team will ensure that you receive the finest bespoke tailored pieces of clothing and the perfect fit. If you are in any way, shape, or form unsatisfied we will provide you with a full refund.

In order to offer our range of products at the competitive price point that we do, we have decided on moving our tailoring operations overseas to Bangkok.

Whilst the majority of the crafting of our clothes is done in Bangkok, all additional alterations and fittings are done right here in Perth by our in-house tailors here.

We offer a range of fabrics in order to meet the individual needs of our clients. Different fabrics have their pros and cons, and a cheaper fabric does not mean inferior quality. Where the fabric is made will also determine the cost of the fabric.


We source our fabrics from all over the world, from locally produced cotton in Thailand, wool blend fabrics from Korea, to our high-end Italian and English made pure wool. By offering a range of fabric options, we are able to better meet the individual needs of all our clients.

Yes, we do produce clothes for boys. However, the cost remains relatively the same as it still requires the same level of skill and craftsmanship from our tailors, whilst the cost may be slightly less depending on the amount of fabric used, generally, as the fabric is cut a certain way, the same amount will be used as that of an adult.


We offer a range of prices depending on the fabric choice and design options. Our price list offers a price guide. Please note that these prices are inclusive of GST and all alterations to ensure the perfect fit.

We have specials that we run throughout the year where discounts are applicable.

We offer a number of payment options for your convenience. You can either make payment through a bank transfer, with cash or through a credit card with no credit surcharges applied to your purchase.

On finalisation of your order, we also ask for a 50% deposit before we can begin work on your order with the final amount due on final delivery of your order.


Once your order has been finalised (fabric and options selected, 50% deposit made), we typically try to deliver your order within 2 to 3 weeks depending on the volume of the order and how busy our workshop is at the time.

Our clothing will need to be washed (if shirts) or dry cleaned (anything else), and pressed before you wear it for the first time. Whilst it’ll go through our rigorous quality control process, it still may contain tailor’s chalk marks and minor smudges.


Our fabrics are pre-shrunk, however, cotton garments may shrink up to 3%. For best practice, we recommend:

– Remove collar stays, button up, and wash inside out
– Cold wash (30°C)
– Hang dry on a coat hanger
– Do not tumble dry
– For easier ironing, we recommend you iron while damp

Jackets made from natural materials that help the body ventilate, and doesn’t need cleaning very often. To extend the life of your jacket we recommend the following:

– Dry clean only
– Do not dry clean more than four times per year
– If your jacket is creased, get it professionally pressed, do not steam
– Spot clean with water and mild detergent
– The natural fibres of your suit need time to rest
– Avoid wearing more than two or three times per week
– After wearing, hang your jacket up in a ventilated space to ensure freshness and reduce wrinkling

Wool is antimicrobial and naturally stays fresh. We recommend:
– Dry clean only
– Clean once per week to once per fortnight only if worn frequently
– After wearing, hang up in a ventilated space to ensure freshness and reduce wrinkling
– For your favourite suits, we recommend buying a second pair of trousers, as they typically get more wear than jackets and the colour will quicker if worn more often than the jacket

Wash with care to avoid shrinkage and wear. We recommend:
– Cold wash (30°C)
– Hang dry
– Do not tumble dry
– When ironing, use a thin cloth between the iron and garment


Generally once the order is made, we do not allow for the fabric and options to be changed as the fabric is ordered and cut specifically for your order and cannot be reused once cut.

We understand that after receiving your order and wearing it on your day to day basis you may find slight issues with the fit. We do offer free alterations within 1 month of receiving your order so that you make these changes. However, alterations will fit within the limits of what is already made and how much fabric and material we have to work with.

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