Co-Founder & Director

Once asked by a friend to sum him up in a couple of words, he was described as “the smartest dumb person I know.”

Alexander is an avid men’s fashion enthusiast (you’d think he’d be for the type of business he’s in) and helped co-found Alexander David Menswear.

Alexander acts as the current director of our business, engaging directly with customers and managing the administration and marketing side of the house.

Alexander’s design influences come from the roaring 20s and prohibition era styled clothing with a modern take. Winston Churchill and the English gentry also provide another source of influence for Alexander’s designs, favouring braces, waistcoats and double-breasted jackets.


Co-Founder & Chief Designer

Jacky has always had an interest in fashion, design, and creating clothing. Her enthusiasm in the creative fashion world peaked in high school after competing successfully at state and national level competitions, where her design and technical skills were put on display.

Infatuated with the idea of being able to use her love of fashion and creating clothing as a career, she set out on her journey to be where she is today.

Jacky started work at a clothing alterations shop where she built up her skills in alterations and constructing garments. These abilities are now a crucial part of the business that she co-founded.

Her role in Alexander David is important as she is responsible for making the final alterations and adjustments to our client’s garments to achieve the perfect fit.

Her attention to detail, knowledge of what’s in fashion, and what fashion influences are upcoming, help our clients to design the perfect outfits to make them look and feel incredible.


Workshop Coordinator & Quality Assurance Supervisor

Ek has a keen eye for precision when it comes to tailored clothing. He was not always a fashion enthusiast growing up, but his passion was unlocked when he put on his first suit for his high school graduation.

Despite growing up with parents who own a tailor shop, his path to where he is today had many detours. He acquired his attention for detail and dressing sharp from completing a hospitality management degree and working in 5-star hotels before contributing to his family’s tailor shop.

Ek’s role is crucial to Alexander David Menswear, as he must ensure that all garments made are made to the exact measurements and style specified by each client. His roles involve managing the workshop and detailing to tailors the design and style of each piece of garment that is to be crafted.

Most importantly, Ek will personally inspect all items for quality assurance before the final product leaves the workshop.


Master Tailor

Mr Kampa has been in the tailoring business for over 30 years. He started off his career in Hong Kong where he undertook an apprenticeship from a line of master Chinese tailors who specialised in half canvas and full canvas jackets.

20 years later Mr Kampa would return to Bangkok to continue his career as a master tailor.

Fashion may be an ever-evolving art form, but Mr Kampa very much enjoys the challenges of masterfully crafting garments to meet the new modern designs and styles of our clients, where he continues to apply his skills and knowledge of tailoring into every garment that he creates. Whilst the designs and styles may change, the fundamental art of tailoring remains the same and Mr Kampa is a master of tailoring bespoke clothes for men.