Client Feature – Hans

Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

Born and raised in Perth but I’ve lived in Dubai and Venice, Italy. I’m actually a street artist, television presenter, and Director of a film production company.

Do you often wear a suit?

Not as often as I’d like! There’s something about a well made suit that brings out the best in guys. I MC a lot of events so I get to wear suits for a lot of those but most of the time I’m painting so I try and avoid ruining my clothes because it’s inevitable I’ll spill paint on myself.

Did you have an enjoyable bespoke suiting experience with Alexander David?

Absolutely! I have very long arms so off-the-rack suits never ever fit me. The Alexander David team are fast, friendly, and definitely know exactly what they’re doing. Plus they’re fun to be around and I appreciate their eye for detail. 

Have you received many compliments for your suit?

A lot. I’d like to think the compliments are for me but honestly it’s all for the suit. When it fits perfectly like mine does people tend to take notice.

Would you recommend Alexander David to your friends?

I sure would, and I’ll be back too!

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