Client Feature – Henk

Hi Henk, thanks very much for taking the time to answer some of our questions!

Where are you from and what do you do for a living?

I live in North Boyanup. And I am a builder.

You’re very tall! Must be those Dutch genes. Do you struggle to find clothes that fit you well and how was the fit of your Alexander David clothes?

Yes, It can be hard to find well fitting clothes, special being tall and skinny is a terrible match in finding fitting clothes unless you pay a small fortune for it.

Being in construction, I imagine you don’t wear a suit often. Did you find the clothes you got bespoke made from Alexander David versatile and allowed you to wear them for multiple occasions?

No not in my work,  but maybe you can design work clothes for me as well. But yes, it’svery versatile and not just for weddings. I find I can wear them to all kinds of locations, the jacket and shirt can be worn with Jeans as well.

Did you see value for money in the clothes that you got?

Yes Definitely well designed good fit and good quality.

Would you get clothes from Alexander David again?

Of course, I would, from now on I will only buy from Alexander David.

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