Client Feature – Maverick

Hey Maverick, thanks very much for taking your time to answer some questions and agreeing to be featured in our blog!

No problems at all.

Your wedding photos look amazing, you two make a fantastic looking couple, how did you meet?

Sarah and I met through friends on a night out.

How’s it feel to be married?

Nothing really changes, but knowing that you have a partner for life is a great feeling.

As I already said, you both look fantastic in your wedding photos, did you get a lot of compliments for your tuxedo?

Nonstop all night! Was great to know people loved what I was wearing.

I’m glad to hear! We always love hearing good feedback from our clients about the success of their outfits which I really believe helps with the confidence side of things. Did you enjoy your bespoke tailoring experience with us?

Yes I sure did, was a really enjoyable experience and much better than just going into a department store. Won’t be my last suit from Alexander David!

Thanks again Maverick for taking the time to answer some questions for us and agreeing to be featured in our blog. Oh, and enjoy your honeymoon!

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