Client Feature – Arjan


Hey Arjan, thanks very much for taking your time to answer a few questions for us and agreeing to be featured on our blog!

No problems at all, I’m glad to help.


Where are you from, and what do you do for a living? 

I am from Groningen, the Netherlands, and am currently a student studying International Hospitality management.


Do you wear a suit often?

Yes, I do, for several reasons. The past few years I have been a member of several boards, I have had to give presentations, wear a suit to work and make an impression at network events.


How does your Alexander David bespoke suit compare to other suits you’ve worn?

The biggest difference between my Alexander David bespoke suit and my regular suits is the fit. Where my regular suits fit on most places, my Alexander David bespoke suit fits everywhere. That’s the big benefit of having a suit tailor made. Other than that, having been able to choose all the details of the suit myself gives it a much more personal feel, almost like I made it myself. That’s something my regular suits haven’t achieved.


Why did you choose linen as a fabric for your suit?

The reason why I chose a linen suit was that I needed a suit that was light and breezy. As master of ceremony of a wedding in the middle of the Australian summer, I needed something in which I would feel comfortable while running around. All my other suits were either a thick wool or a polyester/wool blend which would have made the heat unbearable. Even in the Netherlands, it is nice to have a suit in the wardrobe which is light and breezy and of which I am sure I will be comfortable in. Having such an option is never a waste of money.


What was the best feature of your experience or suit from Alexander David?

The best features of my experience were the options and the patience. The options in that at the end of the appointment I really got the feeling that I was in control of my own suit and that I got a product which I wanted. The patience in that it was not a problem to come back twice for alterations. Being quite picky about my suits, I sometimes feel encumbered to keep wanting to get something altered for a perfect fit but this was not the case. They really made sure that I got a product which was perfect to the last detail.

Thanks again Arjan for taking the time to answer some of our questions and we hope you enjoy your bespoke suit from Alexander David!

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