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I have often been fascinated, and inspired in my design, by the people I see on a day-to-day basis. This has evolved into blog posts I will be titling “My Style” where I will be meeting strangers on the street that have a unique style and look that inspires me.

This was my first time doing anything like this, going up to a random stranger and asking if it’d be ok with them for me to take a photo of them and feature them in my blog. I was very nervous to say the least as I made my way down St Georges Terrace, Perth.

I had just finished off a quick photoshoot to get a few photos for the website and had tried to drag my friend along with me, but alas it was not meant to be as his parking ticket was running out soon. Damn you city of Perth parking inspectors.

I was also nervous as I wasn’t quite entirely sure how successful I would be in finding someone that would inspire and influence my design work, after all Perth isn’t exactly known as the fashion capital of Australia.

Of course, it was meant to be, as I turned down London Court in the mid-afternoon, wondering without looking much I chance upon a group of gentlemen outside a barber shop. Amongst the crowd I spotted a well-dressed gentleman, I was fixed onto him like a lion stalking a prey. What I wasn’t aware of was that this well dressed gentlemen was also looking at my outfit!


At first glance I was shy and walked straight past. I then convinced myself that I had to talk to this very well dressed gentleman and so I turned around, standing close by awkwardly, camera in hand, “excuse me,” I spoke softly, very shy of course as I’ve never done something like this before.

The gentleman of course was nice enough to say hello and asked how he could help.

“I love how you are dressed and I love your outfit. Would you mind terribly if I took a photo of you and featured you on my blog?” I said before continuing on to explain, “I’m interested in the styles and fashions of the people of Perth as what people wear and their individual styles often influence me and my design, so I thought why not blog about it!”

The young gentleman was more than delight to and he introduced himself as Jamie.

Jamie my new friend is a tattoo artist and he is very much inspired by the styles and fashions of the 1930s and the Prohibition era, going for a very vintage and decor look. I must say, I love Jamie’s look! Of course, we both love the same style, so the conversation took off straight away.

He has gone with a beautifully coloured dark chocolate brown double breasted jacket paired with navy blue trousers. The cuffs on the trousers really top off that old-school look. And whilst I say old-school, the classics are always a timeless style and look.

The extra detail also make all the difference with this outfit, a very bold red flower lapel which still manages to not be too overt and compliments the whole outfit very well, but my favourite piece of the whole outfit is the collar pin tucked underneath the tie which is just barely visible.

In my excitement I unfortunately did not take a very good photo! Lessons to be learnt for next time.

With that, thank you Jamie for popping my cherry on meeting a stranger, taking their photo and blogging about them, I hope to meet you again in the near future!

For anyone that is interested, I highly recommend you follow Jamie on Instagram,

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